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As closely as possible to the artists and craftsmen of Lascaux 4

May 2016
Video from the french tv channel France 3

Louis Laforge has visited Montignac to discover with pleasure the current reproduction of Lascaux. He invites you to contemplate our productions and understand the work in our workshops. 7 minutes behind the scenes of the Lascaux replica, “as closely as possible of AFSP” !


Article extract of France 3:

In the Périgord, famous Lascaux cave  is being reborn. This is of course not the original, which has been closed for 50 years, but its copy. Louis Laforge went as closely as possible to the artists and craftsmen who are busy making this new Lascaux.

900m² of cave wall reproduction

In a cathedral of silence , every gesture is considered. For months , they are around thirty to reproduce paintings, engravings and crevices of the rock close to the millimeter. “It’s not the same gestures. We are reproducing the result of the action , that is to say that a trait that has been done in seconds, we must replace each element of this feature, every small point which will give the effect of the line” said Ezéckiel Lesoeur, painter. In total, the artists will create 900m² of cave wall reproduction. The cave, discovered by chance in 1940 by children, was opened to the public in 1948, before closing its doors in 1963. The new Lascaux cave will open in December.


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