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The Facsimiles Workshop of Périgord


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Unequaled know-how

The Atelier des Facsimilés du Périgord (AFSP) is a subsidiary of Semitour Périgord, a company responsible for operating major cultural and tourist sites in the Dordogne, including Lascaux IV. A Périgord company fully rooted in its territory, it specializes in the manufacture of facsimiles, works of art and any other creation requiring faithful reproduction for its preservation or distribution throughout the world.

  Return the work

The work of the AFSP, regardless of the work reproduced, is to restore all the emotion that a work of art can transmit, in all objectivity and in all its perfection. In their studio in Montignac, the artists work and concentrate, for days on end, to reproduce identical works, which thanks to them, can continue to be shown to future generations, without risking damaging or destroying the original.

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Living Heritage Company

In June 2016, the AFSP was honored by the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital for its excellent know-how. This label, "Living Heritage Company", issued by the State

after a rigorous instruction, reward of the emblematic companies of the French excellence, with the strong local commitment and the mastery of advanced know-how. The Facsimiles Workshop of     Périgord has contributed to exposing the heritage of humanity to the eyes of the whole world through its last great contribution: Lascaux IV.

The AFSP Team

Professions and personalities with multiple skills, in constant evolution

Painters-visual artists but also sculptors, resin workers and metallurgy technicians have reproduced the walls of Lascaux with the highest possible accuracy (relief, surface appearance and ornament) by combining the most modern technologies: laser surveys, digital photos, techniques and materials patented. From the manufacture of monumental shells to the reproduction of the walls down to the smallest detail of a sculpture, our teams master each stage of the production chain.

Innovation being an integral part of our DNA, our know-how is constantly evolving. We had the pleasure of working on the reproduction of medieval frescoes, medieval and contemporary manuscripts, ultra-personalized and connected derivative products – real concentrates of technologies, scenography and tourism of cultural sites.


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