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Lascaux 4

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The International Center of Parietal Art of Montignac-Lascaux

« inaugurated on December 15, 2016 »

Lascaux IV

This new facility (6,000 m2), located at the foot of the Lascaux hill, was the subject of an international competition. The Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, based in Oslo and New York, was chosen with Duncan Lewis, an agency in Bordeaux, to carry out the project management of the building. Today the Casson Mann agency is in charge of project management for the scenography under the scientific responsibility of a steering committee chaired by Yves Coppens.

The production of the Lascaux facsimile was entrusted to the Atelier des Facsimilés du Périgord.
These are 900 m2 of walls, currently produced, which will be assembled in an unprecedented achievement in France.

To meet very short manufacturing times (approximately 30 months), the workshop has implemented new manufacturing processes and improved tools. It has also teamed up with internationally renowned partners to optimize its action and take up the scientific, technological and artistic challenge that this exceptional work represents.

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