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The realizations

lx 4 salle des taureaux.JPG

Lascaux 4

The International Center of Parietal Art of Montignac-Lascaux

« inaugurated on December 15, 2016 »

Lascaux 3

Conditioned to travel

The AFSP is proud to be able to show the world the quality of its reproduction work.

lx 3.JPG
gilles fresque chaise dieu.jpg

The God Chair

 The facsimile of the Danse Macabre fresco


The Frescoes

Realization of wall-inspired frescoes

The Manuscripts

Medieval and contemporary manuscripts

repro musée (2).JPG

museum reproduction

to discover or travel collections, without manipulating the originals


The narrative and interactive VR experience

téléchargement (5).png


Work of cave art in the Spanish Basque Country

Falaise atelier1.jpg
Sans titre.jpg

Cave of NIAUX

facsimile of a wall for a museum

Special order

Infinite reproduction!

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