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museum reproduction

Relevé - La Rondelle aux izards, Laugerie Basse.JPG
Photogramétrie Musée Art Archéo du Périgord.JPG

Make discover or travel collections, without manipulating the originals

Museum reproduction

Discover examples of objects that we can create or reproduce, with their technical specificities. By having access to any type of object, we will be able, through different surveying processes (eg 3D scan), to mold, to reproduce identically, to sculpt, to engrave, to personalize... Our ability to work the material is unlimited and is available according to your convenience, with the use of various materials. Our skills are multiple: creation of simple or complex structure, modeling of an object for a faithful and meticulous reproduction, printing, design and personalization of a subject from a 3D survey or a photo or even mass production limited number of items personalized to your image

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