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A flexible exhibition


Entering the Lascaux cave alone, taking a tour at our own pace, guided by a voice, this is the principle of Lascaux 3D. Using an autonomous virtual reality headset, visitors (re)discover the parietal art of Lascaux through an immersive experience.

As for the Lascaux 3 international exhibition, Lascaux 3D will go around the world. The advantage of this new way of discovering Lascaux is the modular aspect. Virtual reality headsets and digital files are easier to move than monumental walls. However, depending on the space made available, this exhibition is adapted: in addition to the virtual experience, modules are added, offering visitors all the scientific content necessary to decipher the work of our ancestors.

Lascaux 3D began its world tour in Liège (Belgium), at the prehistomuseum, and should soon reach Italy.

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