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The Frescoes


The Frescoes

Tsinandali is the Kakhetian residence of Prince, poet and public figure, Alexander Chavchavadze of the 19th century. As part of efforts to preserve Georgia's cultural heritage and to ensure that Tsinandali tells its story to future generations, the Silk Road Group is renovating the property, introducing modern amenities while preserving its most important historic features. . For this prestigious project, INGO MAURER, project owner for the renovation of all the old buildings of this project, was looking for a reference in the field of fresco production. Five parietal-inspired frescoes designed by INGO MAURER were thus produced by the artists of the Ateliers on the vault of a restaurant room during a period of three weeks in June 2018.

Fresco of parietal inspiration, in a private home, in the Gard: Following a visit to the International Center for Parietal Art Montignac-Lascaux, visitors were amazed by the work of the artists of the AFSP. As part of the restoration of their home, they wanted to take advantage of the know-how of the artists who worked on the Lascaux 4 facsimiles, to adorn their vaulted entrance.  A parietal-inspired fresco was therefore created in this space of almost 16m².

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